What is Freedom to Love?

Freedom to Love provides resources, tools and training to mentor young men in developing the virtue of Chastity. Our goal is to provide both the spiritual foundation required to grow in virtue as well as practical tools to overcome the temptation to indulge in pornography and other sexual sin.

Freedom to Love forms young men in both the human and spiritual areas of their lives. Too often we attempt to overcome the lure of pornography through only one of these aspects of formation, making it much more difficult to find freedom from sexual temptation.

Human formation helps young men develop emotional maturity and freedom. It also provides practictal strategies to respond to sexual temptation. This provides a natural foundation for overcoming pornography.

Spiritual formation teaches young men God’s purpose for their sexuality. Guiding them to rich prayer and a sacramental life opens young men to the supernatural graces they need to conform their lives to God's plan.

Freedom to Love combines the supernatural treasures of our Catholic faith along with sound human development in the natural realm.